Video Content Cookery

The EXACT STRATEGY I’ve used for myself and my clients to generate 100,000s of views10,000s dollars in sales – all using educational short-form video content across social platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, & Youtube Shorts.

Learn How To Create Social Videos That Generate Views, Followers, And Sales Conversations

You Will Learn:

✔️ Strategy for Consistent Video Creation

✔️ Key Ingredients for Watchable Videos

✔️ Generating Endless Content Ideas

✔️ 100k+ Views Video Outline Formula

✔️ How to Film, Edit, Optimize, & Publish In -30min

All Without Having To:

Dance on camera

Point at text bubbles

Lip-sync to the latest trends

Act and do elaborate skits

Spend hours doing social outreach

This is about effectively articulating your expertise – your intellectual property, but in a way that is actually watchable, captures attention, and generates demand for you and your business across social.

So by the end of this course, you’ll know exactly how to:

  • Communicate your expertise in this social-first world
  • Create videos people watch and share
  • Grow awareness for your brand with social videos

 A Message from Mo Ismail

Your Express Path to Awareness Online

I know the exhausting feeling of talking into an abyss when making content. Don’t waste another minute allocating time you don’t have making content that doesn’t get you the awareness you deserve. 

Let me help you bypass all that trial and error, and get you closer to your destination! 

See you inside. Let’s cook! 

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