One Video That Will Close More Sales


One video every business ownership made that closes more sales is a process video

A pre-recorded video that explains how you do what you do to get your clients over the finish line. And, it answers one of the common questions that clients ask before ever getting into a sales call making the sales call smoother.

If you are a coach or consultant, service provider, or productized service provider then you need to absolutely have this one video in your arsenal, either on social or your site.

What does the engagement with you look like?

  • The steps involved to get to the result
  • What you do VS what the client will have to do
  • The overall flow

Your process is your strongest sales technique. The power of this video is it increases the level of security the prospect has towards you as a business before they ever get on a sales call with you. Meaning, they are already very warm on the phone and the dialogue will be a lot stronger. And with the client having already watched it. 

The sales call becomes less about explaining HOW and more about:

  • Identifying their problem
  • Painting their desired future state
  • Creating rapport

Is it saves you an insane amount of time as a business owner because:

  • Questions are being answered in advance
  • Non-qualified leads are being weeded out in advance

Here is what the outline for the video should flow like for when you make it:

  1. Thank viewers for their interest
  2. Topic identification – “This video will discuss how we accomplish [insert your thing] for you
  3. The sequential order of your steps [We onboard like this, then A, then B, then C…]
  4. The outcome they receive in the end and how long it will take for them to receive it
  5. Call-to-Action to book: “If you are interested in doing a project like this together [click, fill, email…] the following

If you can showcase studies or examples of previous work you have done throughout the video as B-roll so they see your work as they watch, it makes that much more powerful.

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