487K Views In One Video

The Challenge

Neel Dhingra, Founder of Forward Academy, has been working with MOCS and Mo Ismail since 2019 creating short form content for his own Instagram. In 2021, Neel began a highly-focused content creation program for Real Estate Agents & Loan Officers – Neel’s Content Day. In content day, Neel provided Real Estate Agents & LOs training on how to leverage Instagram short form-videos from pre-production, production, and social media management/leverage. He reached out to Mo Ismail & MOCS for on-camera media training for his Content Day attendees and optimized social video editing.

The Process

  • On-camera confidence training for attendees
  • Instagram Short-form video content training
  • Public speaking 1:1 coaching for on-camera talent
  • Optimized & on-brand social video editing for performance

The Results

  • 150K+ Views on Instagram Short form Videos
  • 5x Follower growth on attendees profiles

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