$30,000 In Course Sales In 1 Month of Social Video Content Marketing

The Challenge

“I just need someone to understand me and do this for me.”

This was the first thing Melinda said when we met. She knew that content marketing was necessary, but consistent content creation was becoming overwhelming and too time consuming. It took her away from focusing on what was important – creating and selling her new course, and attending to her audience. This is how our relationship started.

Between juggling her business, team, new course, and students, Melinda had a lot on her plate. She needed content marketing to stay active and present across her socials without taking her away from creating and finishing her course. She wanted to balance the two worlds – have her content created and managed without her being too involved.

The Process

  • Multiplied and repurposed existing longform video content into optimized, digestible, and shareable social content.
  • Created video content that cultivated community and converted her audience.
  • Took everything off of her plate when it came to creating videos from start to finish:

The Results

  • $30,000 in course sales upon launch
  • Tripled Monthly Email Subscribers
  • 150,000 Views in First Month
  • 268,000 Accounts reached

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