+30,000 Followers in 3 Months

The Challenge

Jullien Gordon AKA Mr. Multi Family approached Mo Ismail at MOCS needing to create highly-produced micro content for his Instagram, repurposed at scale. The goal for Jullien was to increase his organic webinar registrants directly from Instagram vs his paid marketing efforts.

The Process

  • Deployed brand content strategy
  • Analyzed previous content to identify areas for improvement
  • Assessed in-video areas of optimization
  • Created in-video on-brand assets
  • Created a complete brand identity sysetm for look & feel for Jullien’s personal brand
  • Tightened the message while mining for organization and scripting for videos to be shorter with punchier takeaways

The Results

  • 4Xed Avg. Viewership
  • 30,000 New Followers in 3 Months (10k+/mo)
  • 3X increase in overall content engagement
  • 250+ Organic Weekly Recurring Webinar Registrants
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