CASE StudY —

Southern Pine Electric

Case Study

Helping southern pine electric continue to bring the power

What started as an initial project for the design of Southern Pine Electric’s 2018 Annual Report, later evolved into a longstanding and beautiful working relationship between MOCS and Southern Pine, consisting of many elements for their brand’s communication, that continues to grow.

what we did
  • Brand Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design & Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Print Collateral/Annual Report
  • Application Design Collateral
  • Environmental Design

The Challenge

Helping Southern Pine Electric, a historical, well-established, and well-respected Power Cooperative, attract and better communicate to the newer generation of Mississippi while honoring their traditions, values, and loyalty with the existing generation they serve.

The Solution

A new website, new copy, corporate photography, marketing materials, environmental design, and digital communication strategy that supported Southern Pine Electric as the member-oriented electrical cooperative that improves the quality of life of their communities, young and old, with electrical power and economic development.

Developing the Strategy

MOCs’ Chief Strategist, Mo Ismail, led the strategy development workshop with CEO Jason Siegfried and C-SUITE leaders such as Drummonds McAlpin, to establish the brand’s strategy for Southern Pine Electric. During the workshop they uncovered the essence of the brand – the attributes that defined the brand’s personality. Additionally, they solidified the customer base and prioritized the company’s goals and needs. This became the foundation for the website build, messaging, and overall ongoing creative direction.

Understanding the Members

Southern Pine Electric is a Mississippi Electrical Cooperative. Its members are Rural Mississippi natives who are owner/customers provided with trusted and reliable power service provider for their residence or business. To understand the needs of these members, we created unique user profiles as representation. This created a blueprint of their demographics, psychographics, needs and wants.

Brand Definition

Using designated exercises to get to the root of what makes Southern Pine Electric special, we were able to uncover and curate the intricacies of the brand. Ultimately, this defined the brand’s personality – AKA: if the brand was a person how does it look, how does it sound, how does it act, and how do the people interacting with it feel afterwards.

Brand Positioning

Once we established Southern Pine’s brand and solidified who it served, we were able to then craft a positioning statement that embodied the cooperative. This positioning served as the guiding torch for all its creative direction.


Beyond how the brand looks and feels, we identified how the brand needs to communicate with the world and its target audience. Via market research, we created the brand’s tagline, and the messaging foundation for how it will present itself communicatively across future digital applications – website and marketing efforts.

brand promises

Improving quality of life with electrical energy

Target Audience

Rural mississippi citizens

Mission Statement

Connecting rural mississippi through power

Tone of Voice

Compassionate, Empathetic, Knowledgable, Helpful

Elevator Pitch

As a member-oriented electrical cooperative and community partner, our business is in the improvement of our members lives and advancement of our communities. Beyond just the provision of reliable and affordable electrical energy, we focus on being a Servant leader through economical development, political advocacy, community outreach, environmental care, and educating our members on how to achieve a safer, energy-efficient, and cost-effective quality of life

Website Redesign & User Experience

A Member-Centric and On-Brand Digital Experience. MOCS redesigned Southern Pine’s Website. The objective was to cook up a site that was easier for members to navigate when it came to billing and power outages, and encourage member enrollment for online accounts.

Their existing site needed simpler information architecture, so we organized a more user-friendly site map. The site content was organized and prioritized around key behaviors. Additionally, the redesign proudly and loudly expressed Southern Pine Electric’s most recent rebrand.