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Ben Snow Law Firm

Case Study

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Benjamin A. Snow, is a tenured commercial legal counsel who has served the Hattiesburg, MS community and the Southeast region of the United States for over 10+ years. In 2019, he ventured into establishing his own independent business, and in the process tasked MOCs with the creation of its brand identity from the ground up.

Our approach needed to be strategic and curious, unlocking the true essence of Snow’s tenure in combination with his new venture to provide a refreshed experience for his old and new clientele.

what we did
  • Brand Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Naming
  • Messaging
  • Identity System Design
  • Application Design Collateral

The Challenge

Build a brand identity that accurately depicts a mixture between both the company and Snow’s individual persona, with a clear positioning that cuts through the noise and attracts the desired clientele he wishes to serve.

The Solution

MOCs helped Snow focus its brand’s position and understand the user base it aims to target. This led to a clearly defined brand positioning, messaging, and identity system that communicates SNOW in its totality to the market.

Developing the Strategy

MOCs’ Chief Strategist, Mo Ismail, led the strategy development workshop with Founder Ben Snow, lead legal counsel at The Law Office of Benjamin A. Snow, to establish the brand’s strategy for the law firm. During the workshop they uncovered the essence of the brand – the attributes that defined the brand’s personality. Additionally, they solidified the customer base and prioritized the company’s goals and needs. This became the foundation for the branding, messaging, and identity direction for The Law Office of Benjamin A. Snow.

brand users
  • Lenders
  • Realtrors
  • Developers
  • Energy Providers
  • Business Owners
  • C-Suite Executives

Understanding the Audience

The Law Office of Benjamin A. Snow is an elite and exclusive law firm. Its clients are affluent business professionals who seek a trusted source who can mitigate risk and handle major commercial deals with expertise. To understand the needs of these clients, we created unique user profiles as representation. This created a blueprint of their demographics, psychographics, needs and wants.

Brand Definition

Using designated exercises to get to the root of what makes SNOW tick, we were able to uncover and curate the intricacies of the brand. Ultimately, this defined the brand’s personality – AKA: if the brand was a person how does it look, how does it sound, how does it act, and how do the people interacting with it feel afterwards.

brand attributes
  • Sophisticated
  • affluent
  • honest
  • trusted
  • secure
  • high-end

Brand Positioning

Once we established what the law firm’s brand was and solidified who it served, we were able to then craft a positioning statement that embodied the firm. This positioning served as the guiding torch for all its creative direction.


Beyond how the brand looks and feels, we identified how the brand needs to communicate with the world and its target audience. Via market research, we created the brand’s tagline, and the messaging foundation for how it will present itself communicatively across future digital applications – website and marketing efforts.

Design & Identity​

Lead Designer, Christopher Franklin, led the creative for the entire brand identity system. The creative represented both the inception of The Law Office of Benjamin A. Snow and the history of Snow’s individual tenure as a legal counsel, all while accounting for the brand’s reflection to its clients.

The identity system – an original logo, a harmonious color palette, a symbolic typeface, a brand guide, and design collateral for business operations, sales, and marketing applications. The brand’s identity conveyed the legal experience had when working with SNOW from beginning to end.