Mo Ismail MOCS Makers of Culture

Hey, Hi, Hello!
I go by the name Moismai!

I am the Founder & Managing Director here at MOCS.


All my life I was destined to be a scholar in the footsteps of my mom...

And in a past life I was exactly that -

A Psychology, and Communication Master’s scholar focusing on leveraging communication to build and maintain positive relationships both personally and professionally. I did the research, got published, won awards, and was nationally recognized in my field. But as I finished my Master’s I realized that academia wasn’t how I wanted to share my gifts with the world.

See I’ve always had this creative side, from theater to rap to videography, and it never went away! My soul was always screaming for it. So after a 100+ page thesis and countless GaryVee videos later I made a decision — I am going to spend the next 10yrs fueling this creative side through business. If I fail, then academia will be there upon my walk of shame return. 

That’s when I started MOCS. And it was like my two sides started dancing harmoniously, my background in psychology and communication mixed with my creative cookery allows me to evaluate audiences and cook up videos that BANG!

Professionally, my mission is to help business owners build relationships with their audience through video. Personally, I help entrepreneurs stop hiding and show up confidently on video to attract fans and make money.

Holla at me!

Recording Production
Certified Brand Specialist





From $0 to 150K in first year of Video Agency

Award Winning Psychology & Communication Masters Scholar

Trained by the best - Chris Do & Marty Neumeier

Video production for entrepreneurs
  1. Give value or bust
  2. Relationships over products
  3. Never remain comfortable
  4. Stay weird, stay humble, and have fun
  5. Grow while learning
  6. Positive vibes only! What’s goodie?
  7. Always Be Solving
  8. Communication is king: safe space
  9. The well of knowledge never runs dry, share
  10. There is no spoon, take the jump!
  11. It’s not about the gear!
  12. Forward always!