Who we are

We are MOCS.
The Makers of Content.

We are the only turnkey video cookery, serving up tasty bite-size social videos for thought leaders to create fans and make dough. 




The difference —

We alleviate all the headache. No more having to direct an editor.

If it ain't a tasty and spicy video, we are not serving it up.

We mix creative and scholarship to what we cook up.

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Video production for entrepreneurs
  1. Give value or bust
  2. Relationships over products
  3. Never remain comfortable
  4. Stay weird, stay humble, and have fun
  5. Grow while learning
  6. Positive vibes only! What’s goodie?
  7. Always Be Solving
  8. Communication is king: safe space
  9. The well of knowledge never runs dry, share
  10. There is no spoon, take the jump!
  11. It’s not about the gear!
  12. Forward always!